Troy City Court has ordered that Luna, a 6 year old hound-pit bull mix be put down after an altercation with a neighbor's dog on October 25th. While the court extends it's hearing another day to determine the fate of Luna, check out this sweet video of Luna currently staying at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. Determine for yourself whether you think the Rensselaer Town Court is doing the right thing by attempting to euthanizing her.

This has become quite the local firestorm and the fate of Luna is still very much up the air.  According to News 10 ABC, under Troy’s “Dangerous Dog” law, the city has the 'right to order a dog be put down after one bite, no matter the severity.'

However, as the News 10 report indicates, Luna's owner has hired an attorney who is fighting the case resulting in a temporary delay in the death sentence while a higher court reviews the case.

In the meantime, a strong urging from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society deploring any notion of the dog being put down and a #SaveLuna social media outcry, many are left to wonder what kind of PR disaster could this become if Luna is put to death, unnecessarily.  It was after all, her first offense.

Meanwhile, as she stays at the humane society, video of her playing and kissing employees has surfaced. Understanding that viewing this short video clip is not enough information to make a well-informed decision of her fate, watch this video for yourself.  What does your gut tell you?

Video courtesy of Samantha Dimascio facebook, News 10 ABC.

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