If you were watching Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have perked up during a certain segment when you saw the Albany skyline, except it was all wrong!

Saturday Night Live this weekend was hosted by Jonah Hill and a little more than halfway through the episode, I was surprised to see a picture of the Capital Region. In the sketch "KCR News," they pretended to be from a local Albany news station, "Albany's favorite news team," in fact. Of course, we know that there is no news station called KCR in Albany but it was cool to see the Albany skyline behind them as they talked about the weather.

Here's my issue with this - why? I get that they have to have the news station be from somewhere but they're in New York, they're familiar with the capital, why pick us if there was nothing about Albany in the segment at all. As Reddit was complaining about, they used "KCR" which would never be a signal anywhere east of the Mississippi, and that's just one issue with this.

If you're going to use a specific city or town, at least just throw in one off-the-cuff joke or mention for those of us who are from there. I would've settled for, "It looks like it's getting cloudy over the Empire State Plaza today." Otherwise, just make up a random city name in Upstate New York, right? Or anywhere for that matter!

The sketch itself had zero to do with Albany except for the location but it was still cool to see Albany's skyline in the background.

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