One of the Capital Region's new craft breweries is being recognized as one of the best in the nation.

When it comes to craft breweries, there is no shortage here in Upstate New York. In fact, it seems like a new one opens weekly here in the Capital Region. So imagine how many new ones opened nationwide over the past year? The competition is stiff and that's what this honor is pretty sweet for Walt Whitman and Whitman Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs.

USA Today readers voted for new breweries in the United States, and Walt and Whitman lands at #8 on this top 10 list. The great thing about this honor is it was ultimately chosen by fans of the brewery. And maybe it wasn't just the beer that landed Walt and Whitman here. This brewery is truly unique as it doubles as a coffeehouse, plus it is in a pretty legendary Saratoga Springs location: the building that used to house The Saratogian newspaper operation.

If you really want proof of how great this spot is, just dig in to the Yelp reviews for Walt and Whitman. To say they are predominantly glowing would be an understatement! Check a few of these out:

"Great beer, great food, and awesome atmosphere here. The pizza is authentic Detroit style and is delicious... Having just moved to the area I could see this place becoming a regular hangout." - Patrick M, Mahopac, NY

"I recently celebrated my birthday and one of my friends was kind enough to gift me a package of beer from Walt & Whitman Brewing and I can honestly say it was my favorite gift I received this year and my new favorite beer. It really opened my eyes to what good beer is and taste like and made me into a bit of a beer snob." -  Matthew W., Boston, MA

The Whitman Yelp page is full of great reviews like this. It is definitely a destination to add to your next stroll through Saratoga Springs!

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