I don't normally get into people's private matters like this but I think hearing about where Marylou Whitney left her riches, is a good sign of the character of the person she was.

When Marylou Whitney passed away last summer, she had already had her will done for two years. Now, details of her will are being made public, according to the Times Union.

I'm sharing this news, not to dive into the private live of a respected woman of society but to further show why she was so respected. According to legal documents, Whitney left $17,200,000 in varying amounts to her children and the rest of the fortune to her husband, John Hendrickson. That's not all, though.

Whitney also took care of her two employees by also buying them houses. Her children and husband were expected but it took me by surprise that she took care of those who worked for her as well. They're both beautiful homes on Geyser Rd. It just shows that just because she had a lot of money and was a "socialite," she didn't forget the people who continued to keep her at her high standing.

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