The owner of Mio Posto says the Thanksgiving Day fire at his restaurant will force them to find a new location.

4 restaurants were affected by the fired according to the Times Union, but none worse than Mio Posto. The fire, at thew corner of Caroline and Putnam streets, also affected Hamlet & Ghost (A fairly new and very nice bar), The Ice House and Sperry’s. Mio Posto Chef and co-owner Danny Urschel told the Times Union there restaurant is a total loss and they will have to move to a new location. Urschel said he would like to stay in Saratoga, but other locations in the Capital Region would be an option. The other restaurants affected are expected to open soon.

Such a major bummer here for the Mio Posto folks. Rebuilding is tough enough, and closing this time of year must also be challenging. Hopefully they get to re-open soon - Mio Posto has been on my list of Saratoga spots to try. I have heard so many great things and hope they are able to open soon!


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