Of all the lists Thrillist puts together, their most beautiful places in New York could be the most stunning.

Nestled just off Union Avenue, Yaddo Gardens is part of the Yaddo artist retreat and is a stunning multiple leval terrace garden. They offer tours and are open year round, and looking at photos on Instagram it is easy to see why this made Thrillist's Most Beautifiul Places in Upstate New York!

Here's what Thirllist had to say about Yaddo Gardens:

Yaddo Gardens is where New Yorkers can go to finally understand the true meaning of peace. Part of an artists’ community that’s situated on a 400-acre estate dating back to 1900, Yaddo is a closely guarded local secret, so expect to stroll by sculptures and rose bushes in the company of Saratogans and resident artists. 

Granted, I am newer than most to the Capital Region but I have seen or been acclimated to a lot of cool things in the are over the last few years. But I had not heard of these gardens yet. Another place to add to the list to check out! Now that the SPAC season has ended, it will give me a good excuse to make another jaunt to Saratoga.

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