It is a legendary restaurant you know and love, and it is one of the best in the US when it comes to fried chicken. 

The Daily Meal has ranked their top 75 Fried Chicken Restaurants in America For 2018, and Hattie's Restaurant in Saratoga Springs is ranked at #18 on the list!

Let's face it, it is no secret how great the fried chicken is at Hattie's or a surprise how well known it is nationally. Locally, it's as simple as this. If you want great fried chicken, you got to Hattie's. And it is not just the food, it is the down-home old-school atmosphere the restaurant provides not to mention being located in the heart of all the great things Saratoga has to offer.

Here is what the Daily Mail had to say about Hattie's:

Though it is located in upstate New York, Hattie’s Restaurant has managed to achieve Southern-style charm in a historic setting — it’s been open for 80 years. The restaurant stays true to its Southern-comfort feel with a swinging screen door, checkered tablecloths, and, most importantly, its authentic menu. Hattie’s serves traditional dishes like Creole jambalaya and gumbo of the day, but it is most famous for its fried chicken, which is prepared exactly the same as it was in 1938. 

The South may be known for it's great fried chicken, but we have one of the best ever right here in Upstate New York!

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