Last year, NYRA adjusted the Saratoga Race Course schedule with an earlier start and two dark days. Now it appears that they will run a similar schedule for the 2020 Saratoga meet.According to News 10 ABC, it looks as if NYRA (New York Racing Association) will keep the adjusted schedule they had last year at the Saratoga Race Course for the upcoming racing season.

Last racing season, the schedule was adjusted because of construction at Belmont Park for a new hockey facility. NYRA was pleased with how the 2019 racing season was received and is hoping to repeat it in 2020.

The tentative start to the 2020 season would be July 16th, another early start to the meet. There would be forty days of racing with dark days on both Mondays and Tuesdays. There has to be a final approval from the New York Gaming Commission.

It appears that local businesses were positively affected by the changes and there were record numbers visiting the Saratoga Race Course last year.

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