New Year's Eve will definitely not be the same in Saratoga Springs this year.

I know. It's crazy that 8 months after this pandemic started, we are still missing out on some of our favorite Capital Region events because of it. But, based on what we have see over those months, it is not hard to believe that First Night in Saratoga Springs (And its fireworks show) has now been cancelled according to a Times Union report. Like any other event that has been cancelled, lots of people gathering in tight spaces is a concern for Saratoga Arts, which puts on the event. The Times Union says this, along with Saratoga Arts inability to raise funds during the pandemic to cover the event are the main reasons it was called.

Maybe like me at this point you are completely numb to these cancellations. Maybe at this point, like me, you are also completely content making the best out of our current circumstances. The only thing that makes the disappointment fade away is finding new ways to celebrate and enjoy these landmark days of the year like New Year's, Christmas and of course Thanksgiving this week.

Me, I am looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving at home with just me, my wife Stacy and our kids Scarlett and Emmett. I can't wait wait for a relaxed day, a great meal and just quality time where we get to fully focus on enjoying each others company. For all of the fanfare the holidays can bring with things happening everywhere, a quieter and calmer holiday season may be just the change we need to focus on what is important this year. Spend it with the ones you love, do it safely and appreciate each day as the gift that it is.

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