Every Sunday Morning I feature the best in Classic Country Music on 1077 GNA and on-line at www.wgna.com. This past Sunday many of those faithful listeners of the show gathered at the Saratoga Music Hall to enjoy Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson.

JoAnn of Saratoga has been listening to the Sunday Morning Hall of Fame since it launched in 1995. The faithful classic country supporter offered up this review of the Bill Anderson concert at Saratoga Music Hall on Nov. 11, 2012.

"Hi Kevin, As I begin this, The Living Legend of Country Music & His Po' Folks Band have again GONE AWAY - the memories linger from two amazing performances. A career that spans 57 years, 51 as a member of the as both a songwriter and later also behind the microphone singing sometimes talking in that soft voice, to incorporate all of the hits attributed to talents of Whisperin' Bill Anderson would take us in to next week. He is the most recorded artist after all.

To listen as he tells the story behind the song inserting a joke here or there, bringing smiles to the audience. Hits included in both shows CITY LIGHTS which was recorded by Ray Price; TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS, WILD WEEKEND. STILL which was #1 in 1963, PO' FOLKS which is like a signature song; GIVE IT AWAY a huge hit for George Strait plus I LOVE YOU DROPS.  Obviously there were songs in one performance but not the other - some to showcase the talents of individuals in the band. WHISKEY LULLABY  which took years from its writing to recording and becoming a hit for Brad Paisley and Alison Kraus - was a hit with the audience. GOLD GUITAR;, MOMMA SANG A SONG and I WONDER IF GOD LIKES COUNTRY MUSIC (featured Roy Acuff originally but Bill has an amazing singer named James who does a fab job on the part). During the evening performance Bill took  a few requests from the audience including THE CORNER OF MY LIFE, a favorite of some fan club members who were in attendance. In honor of Veterans' Day, we were treated to DECK OF CARDS, I SAW THE LIGHT and GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN.

In honor of his recent 75th birthday, a huge card signed by most attending the 7 pm performance was presented to Bill and the audience serenaded him with HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

Following each show, Bill signed autographs and posed for pictures - while having my grandson act as photographer, I took the opportunity to invite Bill & The Band to return to my hometown, Saratoga Springs, in the future.  A delightful way to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon - I don't think anyone was disappointed.

Thank you and great appreciation to WGNA 107.7 and Kevin Richards for keeping Classic Country alive in the Capital District, JoAnn"


Bill Anderson
Shelley Miller, Kevin Richards Entertainment

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