Most of my family are Saratoga County residents so when I saw this emergency system that they they are implementing county wide, I wanted to get the word out.  CodeRED has been in place for land line phones for quite some time, but now Saratoga County has made it available to all cell phone users. The reverse 911 system is used to make residents aware of major incidents in the county like serious incidents in neighborhoods like boil water advisories, storm damage and hazardous spills.

The CodeRED system will alert you by phone call, text or email about any incident in the area that requires police, fire or emergency service response. It won't, however, alert you about traffic incidents or normal everyday type events. A benefit of the cell phone system is that you will be alerted through your phone so if you are in another area you can avoid or be informed from a remote location. With the land line alerts, you would have to wait to receive a message at home.

In order to receive these alerts, you must register your information with Saratoga County. Click HERE.

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