A couple more local chefs are getting ready to compete on a popular Food Network cooking competition show.

This Thursday night (April 29th), "Beat Bobby Flay" is all about "The Battle of Saratoga." Yes, "The Battle of Saratoga" is literally the title of this week's show according to the Food Network, and will feature Saratoga Chefs Jeanette Liebers and Chris Bonnivier  battling "...for the title of best brunch in town." Liebers is the owner and Chef of Sweet Mimi's Cafe on Phila Street and actually posted the news to Sweet Mimi's Facebook page Wednesday about her appearance on the show. Chris Bonnivier is an Executive Chef at the Blue Hen (Now Morrisey's) at the Adelphi Hotel, according to the Daily Gazette.

The Gazette story says Liebers' appearance on the Bobby Flay show is a couple of years in the making. When Flay ate at Sweet Mimi's in the summer of 2019, Liebers approached him about challenging him on his show. The Gazette says this episode was taped about a year and a half ago in October of 2019 but its airing got pushed back by the pandemic.

So what can you expect from these great local chefs and Bobby on the show? Flay will give both a secret ingredient which they much build a dish around. In this case, it seems something breakfast-related!  Judges will choose the best dish head to head, and the winner and their dish will try to then "Beat Bobby Flay." You can see the full show description on the Food Network Website.

Liebers and Bonnivier are not the only local chefs appearing on the Food Network this Spring: Albany chefs Shahila Abbasi (Head chef at McGreary's) and Kizzie Williams (from Allie B's) are starring in episodes of Chef Boot Camp.

Golfer Michelle Wie will also appear on this episode which airs Thursday night at 8 pm and again Friday, April 30th at 12 am according to the Food Network schedule.

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