The Food Network's latest offering will bring two Albany chefs into the mix.

It is a new show that will debut Thursday, April 8th at 10pm that the culinary cable network says will "...put a trio of underperforming chefs through a grueling series of challenges to test their real-world culinary skills and fitness for the role." The show description states the participating chef's will basically be competing to "prove that they deserve to keep running their kitchens." Add a couple Albany chef's to a the list of those being put to the test.

According to a Times Union story, Shahila Abbasi (Head chef at McGreary's) and Kizzie Williams (from Allie B's) will both be featured chefs on the new show. Abbasi will appear on week two of the show and Williams on week 4.

Mashed has a little deeper description of the format of Chef Boot Camp. The host Cliff Crooks, who you will recognize from several other reality cooking shows, will be observing and judging the chefs in their home restaurant environment and will assess their skills. Then Crooks will put them to the test with a series of challenges including running a dinner service at one of his restaurants and then presenting a new signature dish to their own bosses.

Between the Voice, American Idol, and so many others over the last few years, the list of Capital Region contestants on reality TV shows continues to grow, Though this one seems like it could be the most pressure-filled for those participating!

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