These internet challenges started out just freezing or dancing crazy but now, they've gotten worse and they're sending children to the hospital.

A woman from Iowa is hoping her story gets out to warn other parents about the "Salt and Ice" internet challenge that sent her daughter to the hospital. CBS 6 is sharing the story (the family wished to stay anonymous) of the 12-year-old girl who was at a sleepover with some friends. That's when her mother got that she needed to go to the E.R.

Without going into too much detail, the challenge involves snow and table salt creating a chemical reaction. Then, after you put it on your body, the challenge is to see how long you can stand the pain. The challenge ended up giving the girl and her friends second-and third-degree burns.

The girls ended up at the Burn Prevention Treatment Center at the University of Iowa and the center's director has said he's seen a couple of incidents directly related to this challenge recently.

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