Ryan got a pretty cool wrist phone for his birthday. Yes a phone that he wears on his wrist. If you told me even two years ago that my six year old would have a phone that he could wear as a watch, I would have said you were nuts.

It is called the LG Gizmo and his Aunt got it for him for safety. I questioned it at first until I did some research. It really is a great way to keep tabs on him and also allow him to call in case he needs us. It holds four numbers and of course Jenn and I are listed. It also has a pretty cool GPS feature. As long as he has it on, we can see his exact location to pin point where he is. Another thing it allows is if we were to call him (he answers by just touching the screen and talking into the watch) and he doesn't answer, it answers for him after a set number of rings.

As much as I am against certain technology, like electronics at restaurants this Gizmo is genius. As with all parents, I feel that anything that makes him accessible and safe is a gadget I can get behind.

Truth be told, I wouldn't have bought this for Ryan, but I am glad that his Aunt Nikki got it for him. Oh and there is one drawback, I have been getting random calls from him, but extremely cute voice mails.

What do you think of this technology? Would you get this for your kid?

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