Jenn and I try to have some balance when it comes to electronics out at a restaurant. Ryan is 5 and making him engage in conversation at times can be challenging. But I can't stand when we go out and the restaurant has a tablet at the table when we sit down.I feel as if it should be at the discretion of the parents. Please don't already have a tablet at the table so my kid automatically starts to play with it. We have asked the hostess to remove it before we are seated. Don't get me wrong, we have on occasion let him play on it or use Jenn's phone, but I want him to be present when we are out.

When we discussed it on the air today, many parents agreed. One parent said she hands the tablet to the waitress to take away. Then she breaks out the crayons and paper and they color or play games like tic tac toe. Another mom said that instead, she brings a deck of cards to play with. This way it teaches numbers and counting. Another parent said the kids are allowed to play with the tablet until their food arrives. Then they shut it down.

What are some ways that you keep your kids entertained at a restaurant? Do you mind the tablets?

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