Russell Sage College is most notably known for one thing in particular but now, with this new announcement, that is going to change.

Russell Sage College was founded as a women's school in 1916 as a strictly women's school but now, according to the Times Union, that may be changing soon. Russell Sage is a part of the larger Sage Colleges (though are named separately) where the rest are co-ed and now Russell Sage may be following suit.

The co-ed proposal was passed in October and should be expected to take full effect in the fall of 2020. The Sage Colleges includes Russell Sage College and Sage College of Albany and students apply to the schools separately but can take classes at either campus. Now, with the co-ed changes, what most are talking about is the addition of males at the dorms in Troy.

Sage Colleges has commented on the change saying that they've been suffering somewhat from the decline is demand for women's only colleges and hopes that this will raise the enrollment for the Troy campus. To keep, though, with their tradition, they have discussed added a women's only institution to allow education on topics like #metoo and other gender-related issues.

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