We drive it everyday. We have also come to know and hate the road that is the Northway. Here are a few simple rules nobody seems to follow.

With thousands of cars travelling each and every day on the Northway you would tend to believe there should be some sort of common sense. However, you and I both know there is none of that when it comes to many motorists who use the roadway.


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    Don't Go 40MPH at The End of The Off-Ramp

    Fairly straight forward yet at least a few yahoo's do this. Now I personally hate when people use the entire off-ramp. Nothing is wrong with doing it I just usually end up screaming GET IN!!! The issue with it is that nobody gets up to the speed limit while doing so.

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    Use Your Blinker or You're Not Getting in My Lane

    I am one of those drivers that never forgets to use my blinker. I also when changing into a lane when I know I have to exit the highway will usually get into the granny lane at least an exit prior, mainly to avoid this issue. The people who will be slowing down to try to squeeze in are who I hate. Dude, put your blinker on, I will kindly let you in. Until then I have no clue what you are trying to do so pound salt!

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    If You Are Going 70MPH in The Slow Lane, It's Your Fault

    I tend to stay in the slow lane anyway. Ill usually go 5MPH over the limit. I feel that's reasonable. The morons that use the right lane as a pass lane upset me. Man, the left lane is open and you can just as easily go 70MPH there. Don't be upset if you get cut off at an off ramp when you are the one breaking the law to start with.

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    Get Out of The Right Lane at Exit 7, No Matter What

    Unless this is in the middle of the night just stay out of the right lane. Especially during rush hour. Get back in just past the ramp from Alternate 7. Also if you don't, just realize you are one of the main reasons traffic gets backed up during rush hour. Don't blame the twins, blame yourself.

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    Stop Staring at The Accident And Move

    I get it, kind of like "oooooo shiny syndrome", we all have fallen victim to it. If there is an accident or a police officer having someone pulled over on the shoulder just get into another lane and keep going. It really isn't all that exciting to see a Chevy Malibu with a busted headlight from tailgating. Also if you are in the other lanes. Let people in and the transition will be all that much smoother.

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