At the intersection of Route 4 and Luther Road in East Greenbush, there’s construction of a new roundabout, but it’s being halted.

Because of the situation, traffic is not making drivers and residents very unhappy. Some people are saying that before the construction, the traffic would back up all the way to I-90, and now it’s even worse. Because of the road blocks and detours it makes for an extremely busy commute.

Unfortunately because of the construction delay, this project is not scheduled to be completed until Memorial Day, 2012. There are people that will put a positive spin on what others are very unhappy about, by stating that it is necessary because the road needs to be repaired.

These roundabouts have been popping up in the Albany area for awhile. There’s a couple in Slingerlands at Routes 85 and 140, Sand Creek Road behind Colonie Center, Exit 12 of the Northway and Watervliet Shaker and Wolf Roads in Latham, just to name a few. The roundabout at Watervliet Shaker and Wolf Roads was well worth it. That was always a tricky intersection. How do you feel about the roundabouts?