A New York City tradition got underway in Oneonta today as the Christmas Tree for Rockefeller Center was cut down.

It is most likely the most famous Christmas tree in the world. And as Bethany recently wrote, this year it is coming from our backyard! Today crews visited Oneonta to cut down this year's tree - here are some photos from the scene!

Before getting cut down:

When I see this tree, I think of that famous line in Christmas vacation when Russ tells Clark their tree won't fit in their yard, to which Clark responds 'It's not going in our yard, it's going in our living room.' Ha!

Here's one after getting cut down:

I would hate to be the one to put the lights on this one - I can't stand doing it on a 6 foot tree! And imagine how many times you would need to water this one! That's the great thing about this tree: we can enjoy it without all the hassle!

It will be cool knowing the tree came from our neck of the woods when I go to see it this year, And dare i say it, writing this blog is getting me in the Christmas spirit!

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