It's already time for the road construction headache season in the Albany area. As my old coach used to say though "No pain, no gain." That is very true. A little traffic inconvenience now,  compared to the pay off when the projects are completed is well worth it. Plus, as a taxpayer I have to admit that when the roads are being worked and you are stuck in a traffic jam because of it, then it really one of the few times in life that you really can see your tax dollars at work.

For instance, the lottery is supposed tio take the heat off property owners on their school taxes. How's that working out everyone? I know people are buying quick picks, and scratch off and gambling at state run casinos all the time. However, I haven't seen a property tax bill go down in years. Just saying. When the construction ends we will have safe new bridges at Latham Circle and the Twin Bridges will be safer than ever. That's a good thing.

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