I had a chance to channel the ghost of "Elvis" for this one -a little ditty to commemorate the possible construction of a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Rensselaer.
I'm not sure if you saw the news about this.  If not, I wrote an article about it recently quoting what I read in the Albany Business Review.

Hard Rock Cafe Re Opening
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To summarize, it looks like they are seriously considering the Rensselaer waterfront for the building of this casino/hotel complex.  I wrote this on the air during the commercial breaks with Producer Dave providing the guitar bed for me  (Thanks for the quick turnaround, Dave!)

 LYRICS To "Hard Rock Hotel" 

Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

Parody of Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel"

If you like to gamble I've got a a new place to dwell
        Drive your honey down  9and 20 to the Hard Rock Hotel
        They've got the answer baby it's gonna be in Rennselear
I'm so damn happy I could cry
It's near the Hudson River
and man that thing sure smells
just make sure you close the windows at the Hard Rock Hotel
I'm just kidding baby don't get so sensitive mama
I'm so happy I could die
Good old Mayor Dwyer
he's gonna be happy as hell
until he sees the traffic
leading to the Hard Rock Hotel
Eash Greenbush is gonna be jealous
But Rennselear is zealous
and I'm so happy I could die

Do you think this is a good location?  What's YOUR take?  Would love to know!  Leave your comments below


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