Do you have a real Christmas tree?  Do you have a fake fireplace?  Is everything in your life becoming artificial? Prefab?  I'm guilty of it too.  It's definitely an Artificial Wonderland! Here's a song about it - performed live on the show today (lyrics included).

Richard Kravetz & Nadine Krueger Photo Session

"Artificial Wonderland" (parody of "Winter Wonderland")  

lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Don’t ignore to what Sean is saying

I understand hiscomplaining

the thing I can’t take is that everything’s fake

in our artificial wonderland

see the prefabrications, in our porch decorations

the tree is so green cause it’s filled with styrene

in an artificial wonderland

on the mantle you can see a snowman

theres a fake reindeer on the lawn

and see that fat santa on the chimney

he was manufactured in Taiwan

Oh my wife looks fantastic,

even she’s made of plastic

our fireplace is obsene

it’s on the TV screen

it’s an artificial wonderland

my son will never play out in the snowdrifts

leaving home is something he can't stand

when he wants to watch the flakes  a falling

He looks for pictures up on Instagram

yes it's all so pathetic

this holiday is synthetic

what a way to make your life so bland

it’s an artificial wonderland

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