Thanksgiving is such a great tradition. And after listening to Hank Williams Jr.'s "Family Tradition" the other night, I realized that with just a little alteration in the lyrics I can tell you about what happens in our household around this time of year.  Hopefully you can relate! 

You all know the song, right?  It's gotta be one of Hank's most recognized hits.

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It's sung in most Karaoke bars at 4 a.m.  Well, here's my version with lyrics included below the song:

Thanksgiving Tradition 
©2013 Richie Phillips
All Rights Reserved
Parody of "Family Tradition," by Hank Williams Jr.

Time to get together with the whole family,

Though mine is in the nut section of the family tree

Grandpa sounds like a band saw

Laying in a horizontal position
We all get the urge to eat til we purge
It's a Thanksgiving tradition
Cut me some meat
I prefer the white
Go to town then wash it down with  a 6 of Miller Lite
My oh my, pass the pumpkin pie
I got what I was wishing
I'm as stuffed as that bird
My favorite two words
Thanksgiving Tradition
Listen to the conversation in the living room over there
One group talking gay marriage
The other bout Obamacare
Yelling, screamin, some double-teaming
Arguing is their mission
I'd have it no other way
It's my favorite day
a Thanksgiving traditon
Please pass the yams in that sugary goop
Score me some green beans in the cream of mushroom soup
My wife says  "Too many people hangin' in the kitchen"
Leave the cooks alone
It's a chaotic home
Its a Thanksgiving tradition
(let's go watch the game)
Is your family like this? What's the most oddball thing you've seen one of your family members do on this special day? Would love to know.  In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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