One of the best parts about doing the Small Town Tour is meeting all of the great fans who love GNA and who live in these great small towns. While in Duanesburg we also were presented with a few gifts but the bull made of old horseshoes was one of the coolest things ever. 

Bryan Salisbury who runs Forgeries turns old horseshoes into art. He was inspired by the idea while cleaning out his barn and wondering what to do with all of the horseshoes sitting around. He's branched out too - he's now using discarded railroad spikes and rasp files along with the horseshoes for the base of his projects.

He presented us with a painting bull. It took us a few seconds to realize that he wasn't painting with paint but instead a pile of bull... bull something or another.

Thanks Bryan! Check out some of his great creations on his site - they make great gifts.


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