If you live in the Nassau area, or if you travel to the Lebanon Valley Speedway every weekend and use Route 20, you may want to get ready for some traffic delays.

NYS Construction Vehicle On Route 20 Bridge Over Kinderhook Creek - Google Street View

Replacement of the bridges that carry Route 20 over the Kinderhook Creek will create some slow downs. Traffic over the bridges will be cut down to only one lane. The first bridge to be replaced will be completed by the beginning of November. That bridge is just east of the Village Of Nassau line by about one third of a mile. Traffic signals will be set up to control traffic over the bridge.

The bridge replacement project is expected to help protect against any flood damage in the future. The plans include raising the structures, and making the space wider underneath them to allow more water capacity. According to the article in the Troy Record, the bridges project is part of the New York State Scour Critical / Flood Prone Bridge Program. It’s one of the first projects of the program.