There are certain decisions from "above" that you have to accept.  There are others that you can understand for financial reasons, but totally ticks you off.  This is one of them. 

Ok, how bout this.  According to the, the Verrazano -Narrows Bridge in New York is being repaired with products from China.

"Gee, Richie - what do you have against China?".  Absolutely nothing, and don't even try to go there.  That's not what I'm saying at all.  I wouldn't care if it was from England, France, Spain or the Antarctic.   The point is this:  Chinese steel is cheaper, so they're going with that.

2014 TCS New York City Marathon
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Well, US steel mills' production has dropped to 76% of capacity.  It's JOBS, people. So many bridges in this state need repair.   Could you imagine how easily they could revive our industry if we just made sure they "Buy American"? Probably politically incorrect to even say, but aren't we just shooting ourselves in the foot?

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