Check your tickets if you play the Take-5 game from the New York State Lottery. There was a huge payout that someone can claim if you bought the ticket at a certain Cumberland Farms convenience store in Rensselaer County.  I have always said and I still believe that someday I will hit a lottery jackpot. If I wasn't the one to win, I still believe that someone in my family would win a lot of money in the New York Lottery. It may be a scratch-off ticket, a Mega Millions prize, or most recently it seems that I should start playing the Take-5.

Lately, it seems that many people across the Capital Region are winning in the New York lottery's Take-5 game. There have been winners in Saratoga, Warren, and now Rensselaer Counties. This time it was a pretty large payout and officials say that the winner has yet to come forward.

According to News Channel 13, there was a top-prize winning Take-5 ticket sold on Saturday, June 28th at the Cumberland Farms on Route 4 in Rensselaer. It was worth the top amount of $62,944.50 to be exact. Not a bad payout for picking five winning numbers out of numbers one to thirty-nine. Customers can play the Take-5 game every day. So I guess there is no time better than the present to start playing.

The winner has one year to claim their prize from the date of the Take-5 drawing. Here's hoping it is someone you know and they will give you a piece of their nearly sixty-three thousand dollar jackpot.

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