Many people in the Capital Region were disappointed when it was announced that the Peerless Pool in Saratoga would be closing three weeks early. But yesterday, the new plans for its renovation were unveiled. The pool was built back in 1962 and not much has been done to the grounds of the popular pool. The actual pool will remain the same, but $2.9 million will be used to renovate the bath house to make them greener, smaller and more family friendly. There will also be a space for picnic tables with three covered areas. In addition they will make the restrooms more modern and changing areas better. There will be LED lighting added and solar panels on the roof plus eaves to provide shade.

Even though the Peerless Pool will close on Monday (August 14th), The Victorian Pool will remain open. The renovations would normally take a full year, but they are getting a jump start on it now in hopes that it will be fully ready to go next summer.

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