He's an artist I grew up listening to. And today, a part of my childhood died - but the memories live on in the songs.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

I remember the summer of 1985 vividly. I was a young kid, growing up in New Jersey. And that summer, 'Raspberry Beret' was ALL over the radio. Prince was a phenomenon back in the 80's, and this was just one of those songs that was a colossal hit. Just like 1999, Kiss, Let's Go Crazy. I remember going to summer camp that year, hearing that song blaring over the radio. To this day when I hear it, it takes me back to the sights and sounds of that camp.

The list of Prince songs  that do that goes on and on. If you grew up in the decade, Prince was part of your life's soundtrack. A great artist and guitar player, with great songs and a lot of charisma. It was unavoidable for his music to be a part of your life. But that's the power of music. The great songs stay with you, and they frame your memories.

So just like those memories Raspberry Beret brings back for me, as we listen and reminisce today - what are the memories the songs bring back to you?

Thanks Prince. And RIP.

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