Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are two of country music's biggest stars and  I don’t think anyone is totally surprised that they're releasing their first ever joint album together or that they’re, once again, hitting the road together for what will be another record setting tour. What surprises me, is that they'd want to!

It may sound like I'm downplaying their love for one another, or their unconditional commitment to each other (20 plus years of marriage and 3 beautiful kids later) but truly I'm not!   I respect the sanctity of marriage and I do believe in true love; and for the sake of this post, I'm able to put statistical data and my own personal failed marriages aside. With that being said,  how many of you are madly in love with your s/o right now but will honestly admit you easily annoyed you've become by the loud noise they make when chewing, or how they hog all the covers in bed, or how their parents meddle, or how they leave that bowl of unfinished cereal in the sink; milk and all!  These are small, normal, everyday things that add up, certainly not “deal breakers” by any stretch, but the kind of things that result in the pressing need for  “A little ME time…that’s all.  Just a break”

Now, imagine you’ve got 20 years invested in this person. 20 years is a lot of chewing, cover hogging, parent meddling, cereal in the sink! Then all of a sudden your s/o says “I have this great idea!  Let’s hit the road together for a year or two. No, NOT vacation…  but work! Grueling work at that. Whaddya say?” There goes that “me time”

Whether you’re Tim and Faith from Nashville or Jim and Faye from Niskayuna, you might pause for a moment and have to think about that. You may not even have to answer, the look on your face might tell him or her everything they need to know!

In a world where celebrity couples last on average all of about 10 minutes, the upcoming duet album and tour of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (after 21 years of marriage) is every bit impressive as it is improbable.  Maybe it’s a country thing…Garth and Trisha are doing it and seem as happy and content as ever.  Or maybe after 20 years, a couple of kids, intense pressure to perform, paparazzi following you around and grueling road schedules, perhaps the chewing isn't so loud after all.



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