CrossFit takes strength, skill, it takes time and dedication to the cardio and weight heavy challenges. My poor little asthmatic lungs couldn't handle it when I attempted back in 2012. I had to be one on one with my coach and the classes molded to me, which included more dead lifts than box jumps.

I have always admired those that have been able to tackle whatever was thrown at them within the CrossFit program. Throwing giant tires around, wall balls, burpees - oh dear God, burpees. It'll be great to witness just what the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games entail and they're coming right here to our very own Capital Region.

This weekend at the Times Union Center, you'll be able to see exactly what I'm talking about. It is the second qualifying event that'll include men, women and teams from Northeastern United States as well as Eastern Canada. This weekends challenges will determine who moves on to the next round, the final round: 5 men, 5 women and 5 teams.

The finals will be held in Madison, Wisconsin the first weekend of August. Something tells me it'll be a lot warmer then and a lot sweatier. Then again, I bet they weren't expecting the temps we're expecting this week!

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