LMAO!!!! This is nuts! Good nuts, not bad nuts.

The Red Solo Cup Mania continues through the holidays thanks to Toby Keith. I love that picture! You can do this stuff too folks. Send me your Red Solo Cup art photos and I will publish them for the world to see on WGNA.com

This one really make me get into the holiday spirit. I'm still looking for members for the 1077 'GNA Red Solo Cup Hall of Shame. If you spell out 1077 'GNA in Red Solo Cups and email me the picture you get an automatic induction, so make sure you get to work on it. Just send those Red Solo Cup Art photos  to jake@wgna.com .

Well you can't have Red Solo Cup Mania without Red Solo Cup music, so here's the tune to get your creativity spurred with 'GNA.