We desperately need to help these people as much as we can.  All it takes is looking at one photo or watching one news story to convince people.  Here is an easy and CANvenient way to do it

Our good friends at "For Your Canvenience", a new recycling company in Latham, is hosting a bottle drive from 10am -4pm, in support of special families and family that the owners grew up with in Breezy Point Queens.  There a are 111 families who lost it all.  If you redeem your bottles, proceeds will go toward their care at a very critical time. 

The Thayer Collection

They are located just east of the Latham Circle.  You can call them at 250-4244 for more information.I too have friends and family in Queens and out on Eastern Long Island.  Our hearts go out to these folks.  Let's do all we can to help!