When you think of Lisa Rinna of course you could think about her work in shows like, "Days of Our Lives", "Melrose Place", "Soap Talk" or even her marriage to 80'S TV heart throb Harry Hamlin but lets be honest, the first thing you think is "Isn't that the chic with the big lips?".  It is.

Recently however the star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has gotten all the silicone she could get taken OUT of her face. She said her lips were getting "Hard and gross".

She also tweeted a picture of "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham who recently got the lip injections (with not so good results, though she recently had her lips fixed) and said, "I apologize for starting this [crap] 26 years ago, please forgive me." The tweet however seems to have now been taken down.

So it makes me wonder would you get lip injections? What about botox, breast enhancement, liposuction, face lifts, reconstruction (nose jobs, cheek bones etc).  If you could get one plastic surgery procedure done what would it be? Which would you NEVER do?

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