We have smart phones, Apple watches, Amazon Fire Sticks, and drones and it's hard to think our lives without those things existing. Well, think back, because back in 1984 Radio Shack was advertising a much different group of electronics for Christmas.

The Times Union posted a catalog (remember those?) from Radio Shack from 1984 and to compare the things that were "must-haves" then to now is hilarious! If you're looking for a certain year, a man named Mike D'Alessio owns the website "Radio Shack Catalogs" since 2008. Radio Shack has been putting out catalogs since 1939 and D'Alessio has then all up until 2003.

Just comparing the prices enough is a sticker shock with these throwback items, also how frequently this catalog uses the phrase "Hi-tech." An AM/FM stereo cassette recorder was $299, Realistic Hi-Tech Linear Tracking Turntables are $219, voice-operated FM headset walkie talkies are only $90, an answering machine with a call-in feature was $240, and my favorite is a remote control VHS video cassette recorder was $500!

It's really great to look through, find the year you were born or just a random year and enjoy the laughs. It may make you appreciate what you have more before the holiday season.

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