This is a very interesting little tidbit for ya, with a definite random act of kindness involved.

There are still good people out there — I'm convinced.  Despite what the media spits out all the time, you can still have faith.

A 16-year-old from Henrico, Va had her purse swiped recently. She somehow tracked it to a Burger King in Albany by reviewing receipts.

I found coverage of this story on a local Virginia TV newscast (News 12). Check out what happened.

Very cool, huh? I'm wondering which Burger King was the honest one. Has anybody else heard about this?

This girl should DEFINITELY be thankful, and kudos to the BK staff. Of course it does make you wonder why just being honest is a big story. Shouldn't it just be assumed that people would do this? ( I guess not, unfortunately).

PS:  Special thanks to old friend Anita Nasuto for the hot tip.