When it comes to weather predictions by furry four-legged mammals, always trust a Bills lovin', Buffalo wing-eating groundhog.

Now me personally, I am not one to give much weight to a groundhog predicting the weather. But if I am going to get behind what is basically an oversized rodent telling me what the next six weeks of weather will be like, I'm rolling with a New York rodent.

According to a syracuse.com report, Buffalo Bert got the jump on Punxsutawney Phil over the weekend by predicting six more weeks of winter. Buffalo held its own Groundhog Day celebration for the 8th year over the weekend, and Bert struck down any hope for any early spring. Syracuse.com says the Buffalo event takes place every year on the last Saturday of January and was inspired by a trip some Buffalo locals took to see Punxsutawney Phil years ago.  Organizers also tell Syracuse.com that Bert is 100% accurate and is a much better weather groundhog than Phil. Plus, it is a real possibility Phil may be an Eagles fan. So put another feather in the cap for Bert

So Buffalo Bill got me thinking: if we had our own Capital Region version of Groundhog Day, what would the critter's name be? Albany Al? Schenectady Steve? Latham Lou? Colonie Chris? Or my personal favorite - Troy Troy!

No matter how you feel about any groundhog predicting the weather, I can tell you this: the last 6 weeks of the season are kicking off with snow. Which I am pretty sure indicates what we can expect the rest of the season.

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