As You know, every other Thursday morning at 8:40 a.m. we get to talk to Psychic Maureen Hancock. I have to say that after a few weeks of her coming on the show (and getting my own personal reading) I am pretty blown away by her talent. Today was no exception.

There were 4 callers today and I thought that she got off to a great start. On the second call though I have to say even the great Maureen seemed to get pretty confused by all the "traffic' in her head. The third call was pretty amazing, I think that that caller got exactly what she was looking for if she wanted some sort of specific sign. I'll let you listen to them and judge for yourself, I know I can't wait for her to be here live in a couple of months.

Here is caller one her name is Marie:

Our second caller was Barbara:

This is where it got kind of funny because as Maureen kept trying to get the last caller to understand the significance of "Karen" I looked at my computer screen to see that we has 2 KARENS lined up to talk to her.

Here is Karen 1:

And we wrapped things up with Karen 2:

I always have fun when Maureen is on with us, remember she will be on again in 2 weeks, Thursday at around 8:40 am.