It was the story that kept everyone obsessed in 2015, it was the escape that seemed impossible. On June 6th 2015, Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. It was like a movie, so much so that Lifetime bought the rights.

The question everyone had was how? How could these two convicted murderers escape a prison like that? The answer, was Joyce Mitchell. The prison seamstress with a prison love affair helped them pull off their three week escape. Matt was shot and killed by police and Sweat finds himself in a maximum security prison. Sunday night, Lifetime aired their special New York Prison Break: The Joyce Mitchell Story.

I had a chance to finally watch the special off of my DVR last night and I want to say it wasn't what I imagined but it was- exactly. Since it happened so close to us, our news stations were very much in the loop about how the story progressed so I didn't really learn anything new but how they presented it was insane.

Was Joyce Mitchell taken in by the romance that Matt and Sweat? Of course, or else she wouldn't have been swayed to do what she did. I assume that storyline was based in fact. The way Lifetime portrayed the romance was borderline porn, though. The cheesy romantic lines alluding to sexual activities, the schoolgirl innocence that they gave to the guilty character of Joyce Mitchell, and portraying the prison guards are idiots who would do anything for a Richard Matt portrait- it was terrible. Did you watch? What did you think?

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