The work that police officers do truly fascinates me.  So when the Colonie Police Department agreed to allow me to go on a "ride along" with them tomorrow, I was totally stoked!  Is this something you've ever wanted to do? What advice would you give me?

I have the utmost  respect for any man or woman in "blue" who put their life on the line to keep our Capital Region streets safe.  The things they deal with and see is far more unpredictable than anything Hollywood can script.  But unlike the movies, this is real life.  They have real husbands and wives and children to go home to.  They often put their best interest on the back burner for the betterment of the community they serve and protect! And for that we say "Thank You!"

With that being said (ahem) I haven't been dubbed the Lark Narc for nothing and luckily for me, I live in an action packed part of Albany; Center Square.  My ears perk up any time there's commotion in front a bar, cop cars go whizzing by or police lights start flashing. Heck, Chrissy even bought me binoculars for my birthday a few years ago so I can get a closer view of all the action. With my cell phone and police scanner in hand, I'm ready at a moments notice to assist in any way necessary. For the record, I've yet to be summoned for help. That's probably a good thing.

Wednesday though, this could all change as the I finally get to experience a few hours in a patrol car with Lt. Henry Rosenzweig and Officer Javier Martinez of the Colonie Police Department. It's a pretty safe bet that they'll probably be just fine without my help, but just in case, the Lark Narc will be ready to protect and serve the Town of Colonie!



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