Anyone who has played sports on just about any level can appreciate the moment that took place last evening in the MAAC Tournament men's basketball finals at the Times Union Center in Albany.  The championship game between Fairfield and Iona was all but over with Iona up by double digits and less than :20 in the game.  That's when Fairfield head coach Sydney Johnson took one of his best players out the game; senior Tyler Nelson.  The two shared a powerful and viral moment between player and coach and that's when everyone started cutting every single onion.  I'm not crying, you are!

Subbed out of the game with less than :20 to go,  The Fairfield Stags all-time leading scorer Tyler Nelson, realized that his college playing days were over and as he headed back to the bench, he was embraced by his coach Sydney Johnson.  It's obvious that the coach and player share a very special bond that goes much deeper than just sports.  It's family.

The Stags (17–16) are unlikely to receive a invitation to a postseason season tournament, so their run through the MAAC tournament as the No. 6 seed was their best chance at keeping their season alive.

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