Police have released an official statement about what led to a 14 year old girl falling off the gondola ride at the Great Escape over the weekend.

The Times Union is reporting after investigating the incident police have concluded the girls actions led to her fall on Saturday. They said human error, not a malfunction of the ride, led to her falling despite being retained by a 'restraining bar.' The Times Union says inspectors have found nothing wrong with the ride, but it remains closed today. Apparently whatever she did on the ride allowed her to slide under the restraining bar.

Several park goers caught the incident on video, and thankfully several more came to the girl's aid to catch her when she fell 25 feet from the ride. She is super lucky and police say she will be ok. A scary story with a happy ending, and a great lesson to remind the kiddos to follow all the safety procedures while enjoying any rides this summer!


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