It was with a very heavy heart that the Pittsfield Police had to share this news with their community and all of us as well.  After 11yrs of a dedicated and distinguished career, K9 Ciro waqs laid to rest today at noon due to an aggressive form of stomach cancer. Ciro was able to spend part of his his last hours doing something he loved so much; swimming and splashing around with his police family and loved ones.  A very emotional video shows the Pittsfield Police paying one last beautiful honor to a good boy who wore the uniform with pride, honor and distinction.

Ciro retired late last year when his handler, Officer Losaw, made the rank on Detective. K9 Ciro served with the Pittsfield Police Department from 2006 until his retirement in 2017.  The Pittsfield Police so eloquently added: Thank you for your outstanding and dedicated service to our community K9 Ciro, we have the watch from here. God speed.



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