This was a very special edition of "Reading, Writing and Rhyming".  Kids from Pieter B Coeymans Elementary created a parody of "Friends In Low Places", by Garth Brooks.  Guess who got to hear the song?  The "G-Man" himself! 

We were having a discussion on air about foods that we don't like around the holidays.  Yams came up in conversation, so I guess I had that on my mind as I traveled down to the Pieter B Coeymans school.  Using that as a starting off point, here's what the kids from Mrs. Emerick's class came up with in under an hour!

As a bonus, I am including the portion of the Garth interview where we played this cute little song for him-

He LOVED it!  Our listeners loved it!  Hopefully the kids loved it!  I know I loved it!.  Thanks for having me in, Mrs. Emerick.


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