A major truck brand is recalling nearly 200,000 pickup trucks because the power steering could fail.
 According to News Channel 13, a recall of one hundred eighty thousand Ram 1500 pickup trucks are being recalled. The parent company, Fiat Chrysler, says that they will need to fix an electrical problem that can affect and knock out the truck's power steering.

Fiat Chrysler says that the fastener that connects to the battery was not secured properly in manufacturing. If the connector becomes loose, it can disable the power steering.

Even though there were no incidents or reports of crashes or injuries, the recall is for all 2019 Ram 1500 pickups. Nearly one third of these vehicles are still on dealers' lots.

Owners are asked to return the vehicle to the dealers who will secure the fastener at no charge to the owner. There is no date set for the recall to start, but under the law, they must begin within sixty days.

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