Hoosick Falls residents have begun to receive results from tests to detect PFOA levels in their blood, and the results are worrisome.

According to the Times Union, some residents began receiving their test results over the weekend. The article says the state released an average result for residents of '23.5 parts per billion...more than 11 times higher than the average level of 2.08 found in most people.' Some residents are getting results that double the 23.5!

I really sympathize with the residents of Hoosick Falls. Your home is always the one place you feel is your 'safe zone' and you take the steps to make it that way. To have something like this come in to your home, in your water supply, is heartbreaking. Especially a chemical that is considered a carcinogen. Some residents have been exposed to the chemical for years.

With this story and the recent problems in Flint, Michigan, the safety pf our drinking water has come into the spotlight. Hopefully this leads to more safety measures and precautions to keep our drinking water safe.


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