No, I didn't hang out with the clown because I'm not that crazy. But, I didn't expect the response from the picture I posted from Kidabaloo to freak out so many people.

We were hanging out at the Afrims in Glenmont yesterday and in between stage announcements and a character dance-off, I decided to do a little walking around. I got to try a sky board for the first time, which, I'm in no way coordinated enough to try again. I did get pretty good at going around in circles though. There were a bunch of bounce houses, including a bouncy slide that, I did think about going down but thought someone may frown upon the 32 year old cutting in line of the kids to relive a childhood moment. Elsa from Frozen was walking around taking pictures with people, there was a break dancing demonstration going on, Rensselaer Honda was honking their horns to grab some attention and then, there it was. The part of the festivities I had been awaiting: The Reptile Show.

Now listen, people tend to think my fear of clowns is ridiculous and that's just perfectly fine. However, at an event called Kidabaloo I though I was safe to pull a Britney Spears moment because what are the chances anything at KIDabaloo is going to bite me (other than a rabid child on the run, of course.) So, I did this:

Marissa, WGNA, Kidabaloo

Well, wouldn't ya know it, the comments of squirming and fear started popping up! Come on, people! Live a little!