Sometimes I think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. (Someday we will try to figure out exactly what that saying means) Once in a while though something happens that restores my faith in humanity, this is one of those things.

Recently in Wales a horse escaped from a trailer causing a major traffic jam on a freeway, things were at a stand still and as you could imagine motorists were getting pretty upset. That is when a string quartet  on their way home from performing at a wedding sprang into action. Okay, maybe they didn't spring but they did decide to offer up a little music to soothe the angry travelers and it worked.

They played Pachelbel’s Canon and everyone except for the guy on the motorcycle who seemed to not notice the gathering people, seemed to really love the moment. I wish this sort of thing could happen every time the Northway backs up or is at a standstill. Perhaps we should require all musicians to have their instruments in their cars at all times.

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