You'd be surprised.  The Capital Region seems to be doing pretty well, but there are a lot of American cities that are losing population, and upstate New York did make the list!  Check below. 

I was looking at this map on, and some of the stats are sobering.  According to the article entitled "The Cities Americans Are Ditching", there are 20 cities that lost the highest share of people to other places in the country.

If you look closely, we are surrounded!  Springfield, Mass, Syracuse, and Rochester all lost their share. Hartford, on there as well as the good old Big Apple, which lost a bigger share.  It looks like the city that lost the most was El Paso, Texas.  8,490 residents called U-Haul and high tailed it out of there. (Well, they do have their problems)

Google Earth

I guess we have to give props to our area for bringing in the chip plant and other enterprises to keep the population stable.  And if you look at the traffic around here lately, it sure seems to me that we're not hurting for residents.

Gee, I wonder if all these people are going to move here?  Wow - this could be an immigration problem of a different kind!